Bodyology Graduate, 2015

This email is too perfect as it is. You just have to read it.

Martine wrote to us, “ I receive my massage diploma today and I want to say a big thank you to my tutor, mentor and I trust my friend. It doesn’t seem so long ago, in February 2013, that I came to the taster day (fabulous concept), I was ‘sold’ that very day. But here we are and it is now August 2014, how time goes by! But it is how we use that time that is important, and I think that I have used it wisely, and productively and I love working with my clients to make them feel better, to enrich and enhance their lives, or in the case of my terminally ill friend, to make his last few years more bearable. I could not have done that without you, you simply can’t imagine how many peoples lives that you, Dror Steiner, effect unless someone tells you. And that’s what I am doing now. Thank you.”

Thank you, Martin. We hold this email sacred.

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