Sally Morris
Course Leader

Sally Morris has over 25 years of experience in practicing and teaching complementary therapies with a special focus on massage therapy.

Despite multiple years of work experience, Sally herself never stopped being a student. She travels around the globe and attends various workshops seeking new skills, knowledge, and insights.

She generously shares all her knowledge with others. It is not a coincidence that among students, she is known as a supportive and caring teacher. Sally admits that all her work is dedicated to helping other people. “It is all about people,” she says.

But one should not assume that her classes are just about knowledge. They are fun, sometimes even noisy and bubbly.

Sally, why massage?

I feel it’s more like a direct way to help people, rather than ‘talking therapy’. I love the possibilities and potentials available when working with the body.

What profession would you choose if not massage therapy?

I would like to organise festivals and events. I also love teaching.

What is your life’s inspiration?

The wonder and magic of life. I never get bored of it.

What’s your life motto?

It is what it is!

Any advice you can give students?

Stay open, curious and playful. Trust us, this course was tried and tested by many.

What’s your experience at Bodyology?

I started as an assistant even though I was a fully qualified teacher. Bodyology is a fun but intense course, not only for students but for the teachers as well. I love the structure of the course and its material. It is really useful for students.

What do you like about Bodyology?

Working together with students, we are a team.

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