Although her long-time dream was to become a massage therapist, Rasa chose to study business administration at first. Since she was not able to ignore her calling, eventually she came for a course correction to Bodyology. Her greatest challenge was to learn a new subject in a foreign language. “It was not easy, but it helped me grow,” Rasa said.

Why did you choose a massage therapy course?

I have been dreaming about working as a massage therapist since I was a teenager. Bodyology was the best school I could find.

How was it for you as a foreigner to take a course in English?

In the beginning, it was not easy, but I was determined and pushed myself forward. Also, the tutors were very helpful.

How was the course for you?

This course was amazing and interesting. Teachers thoroughly explained everything to the smallest detail.

What would you recommend to do before taking the course?

I’d advise to check the schools reviews and come to the introduction day.

What is your life motto?

I like bringing positivity to other people.

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