Rachel Francis

Many years of demanding work for charitable organisations and a need for a lifestyle change brought Rachel to Bodyology in 2007. She dreamt of creating a lifestyle where work does not overshadow her leisure time.

Now Rachel teaches massage herself and manages a successful massage practice in Islington, inner London. She specialises in pregnancy massage therapy and is a qualified baby massage instructor. Her professional golden rule is: “Always place clients' needs first.”

Rachel, why massage?

I enjoy working with people and my work environment is amazing. I can’t remember anyone complaining!

What profession would you choose if you were not into massage therapy?

I would continue working in the field of complementary therapies with an emphasis on pregnancy. Pregnancy and early childhood years always fascinated me.

What is your life motto?

Let it be.

What kind of advice can you give to students?

Get organised from the first day of the course.

What’s your experience of Bodyology?

Bodyology is a lot more than a massage course. It has a unique approach to teaching and it is important to absorb as much knowledge as possible during the course. Bodyology gives one a solid foundation and inspires to continue learning after graduation.

What did you like about Bodyology?

Bodyology has a lot to offer, but its statement “Never stop learning,” stands out for me.

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