Linda Stenberg
Bodyology Graduated 2009

More than ten years ago, Linda was sitting among Bodyology students in the introduction class. Now she is a “go-to” person at Bodyology. As the enrolment manager Linda juggles multiple jobs throughout the day: she responds to students’ questions, manages daily office tasks and ensures that every new student feels welcomed. Her positive outlook makes every challenge look manageable and doable.

Although her day might be filled handling administrative tasks, she also has a wealth of information on massage therapy and Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation - Reiki.

Linda, why massage?

I like to make people feel good. I am a Reiki Master but wanted to further my learning with regard to holistic therapies, and massage felt like the natural next step.

What profession would you choose if not massage therapy?

I want to help animals. I would like to open a sanctuary and save all abandoned creatures.

What is your life’s inspiration?

To be happy!

What’s your life motto?

Do it, even when it scares you.

Advice you can give students?

Enjoy the ride! Massage is an amazing tool and a gift, and whilst you give, you receive. You need to live and breathe it.

What’s your experience at Bodyology?

Fun, fun, fun. Fun combined with a lot of professionalism, knowledge and support! I loved taking the course. There was a lot to learn and at the beginning, it was a little bit daunting. However, the programme was broken down in a way that students did not realise how much they learned in a playful and natural way. I met amazing people that are my friends for life now.

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