For many years Katya worked as a nanny and enjoyed giving massages in her free time. Once, she received a massage from a Bodyology graduate. A feeling of relaxation and regained energy after the massage made a big impression on Katya. She started pondering about choosing a massage therapist’s profession. However, before making a final decision, she made inquiries and gathered all available information. “I signed up for the introduction course, met with the course director, attended the open class and only then I felt I was ready to enrol in the diploma course,

Katya, why massage?

In Russia, it is common to receive massages. Also, choosing a massage therapist's profession felt somewhat natural to me.

What profession would you choose if not massage therapy?

I am thinking of studying Physiotherapy after I complete this course.

What is your life’s inspiration?

I arrived in the UK from Russia having nothing. I admire courageous people who build their lives from scratch.

What’s your life motto?

It is important to look after your family and friends. They will look after you when you need it the most.

What advice can you give to students?

If I could complete this diploma course, you can do it too.

What’s your experience at Bodyology?

I am very grateful to the teachers. Besides learning massage techniques, I also have learned a lot about people.

What do you like about Bodyology?

We learn by doing activities and it feels like playing.

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