Everton loved giving massages to his parents. “Once I realised that I love doing massages and wanted to learn anatomy, my decision to enrol in a massage therapy course became easy,” he said.

He enjoyed attending well-rounded classes at Bodyology. “We studied marketing, anatomy, physiology, pathology and a variety of massage techniques. We also discussed real-life situations that could happen when working with the clients,” said Everton.

Why did you choose a massage therapy course?

I have always been interested in biology. Studying massage therapy gave me the opportunity to learn more about human anatomy.

Why did you choose Bodyology?

During my one-to-one conversation with Bodyology’s founder, I received answers to many of my questions. It helped me to make a final decision.

How was the course?

This course is very thorough. We have learned everything we needed to work as massage therapists.

Did this course prepare you well for work?


What are you doing for work?

I’m a full time massage therapist now.

What would you advise for prospective students?

Before enrolling in the course, ask yourself if you enjoy doing massage in your free time.

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