Initially, Debbie chose an accountant’s vocation and for many years she was reluctant to change her profession. “I was used to my way of living,” she explains. Although she was interested in massage therapy, high course fees discouraged Debbie from fulfilling her dream.

“My opinion has changed after I talked to the founder of the Bodyology school. Now I consider course fees as an investment into my future, not as my expense,” she said.

Currently, Debbie successfully runs her massage therapy and bodywork shop.

Why did you choose massage?

I enjoyed giving massages to my parents. I loved reducing their pain and see them getting relaxed.

Why did you decide to take it into a professional level?

One day I realised that I am not doing what I want in my life. I followed my colleague's advice and enrolled in a massage course.

How did the course compare to your expectations going into it?

The content of the lessons and teaching style are amazing.

What inspires you?

Helping people feel better after massage.

What would you recommend to prospective students?

I would advise them to read through the website and complete an introduction course.

How are things now, after you graduated?

I have my own business now and I am very grateful for this opportunity.

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