Cristina Gri

Cristina is a massage therapist and yoga teacher based in Brighton.

Graduated from Bodyology in 2014, Cristina has been running her successful massage practice, working with a wide range of clients.

Since 2015, Cristina has also been the resident massage therapist at Chailey Heritage Foundation, where she works with children and adults with complex neurological disabilities.

Fascinated by the magical & miracle that the human body is, Cristina is a forever learner, and she is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and passion through teaching.

Cristina, why massage?

I have always been a tactile person, and I strongly believe in the power of touch

What profession would you choose if not massage therapy?

More teaching and counselling

What is your life's inspiration?

My dog!

What’s your life motto?

You live only once, invest in yourself and trust your instinct!

Advice you can give students? Believe in yourself! Studying requires an effort, but it’s through those challenges that we really learn. Plan, stay organised, make it fun and colourful! And when you feel stuck just take a break, move your body and nourish yourself before coming back to it.

What's your experience at Bodyology? I came from an unhappy office job background. Bodyology made my dream job came true, and although it required hours of study and practice, I’ve had the most supporting and inspiring teachers I could have ever asked for!

What do you like about Bodyology?

I love the fun atmosphere and the teaching methodology. Bodyology gives you all the tools you need to become a highly qualified and respected professional therapist.

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