Massage Jobs

Imagine this: you just received your massage diploma but you don’t have any connections in the ‘real job world’. We know exactly what that feels like and will help you through your first few steps. We regularly receive massage jobs opportunities from agencies, clinics and spas looking to hire therapists. We pass these valuable employment opportunities on to our graduates.

But we don’t leave this to the chance – we call the clinics and tell them about the courses we run at Bodyology so that they can appreciate the quality of our graduates. We also send letters of recommendation to the clinics to support our graduates’ employment requests. We will do our best to ensure that our graduates get the best jobs.

For us, it is a joyful news to hear about another Bodyology graduate (we call them Bodyologists) hired for great massage jobs!

Your success is ours.

Friends In High Places

Having good connections with massage agencies, clinics and spas require hard work to build trust and the reputation of providing the best massage therapists.

Being in this business for over a decade, Bodyology knows what sort of qualities and skills massage agencies and clinics are looking for in therapists.

And our reputation is that we don’t cut corners, but teach our students that full range of qualities and skills. And that’s why massage agencies love to hire Bodyology graduates.

Your chances of getting hired are a lot higher with us.

Earn As You Learn

With Bodyology massage training, you don’t have to wait until graduation to start making money.

Since our diploma course is very thorough, you can begin to earn during the second part of the course.

For more details, contact us.

With Your Own Hands

Every massage therapist’s dream is to open their own clinic. So, what does it take to have your own business? Is it simply having a diploma and giving good massages?

It is not that simple and we would like to share the answer with you.

To build a thriving, private massage clinic you need three things:

  1. The ability to give a GREAT massage. Just giving a good massage is not good enough!
  2. To develop your ‘therapist-client relationship’ personality so that clients feel comfortable with you.
  3. To know how to promote your clinic through good marketing and sales skills.

Those are the three pillars upon which we build our courses.

Do you want to enrol in a massage school that only teaches you the bare minimum to pass the exams, but not these skills? Of course not! Come and study with us. We simply don’t cut corners.

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